Why You Should Choose eSystems?

We startted our Journey to produce technological solutions that make our business processes more effective and efficient. It aims to become a global and innovative technology / software company with its 20 years of experience in the fields of emerging technologies, digital transformation, IoT and foreign trade, combining corporate customer experience and the ability to develop and adapt custom applications.

Customs & Logistics Platform

Door-to-Door Foreign Trade

Processes can be monitored end-to-end. All stakeholders involved in the processes can use and monitor the system. User Performanced during operation can be monitored and measured. Supply chain can be involved in your workflows.

Cloud Computing

7 x 24 accessible from all over the world. Offers mobile application support. No technical support personnel is requied. Constant back up and secure system. Allows connection with business partners.

Flexible Workflows

Customisable forms, Workflow versions,

Instant notifications, vast reporting options.

Custom Software Development


“No need for coding for the structure of application. Fewer coding means fewer errors and faster market penetration.”


Discover one of the most powerful and lightweight workflow tools on the market today. Design any workflow without coding and only basic technical information


Rule Engine that you can integrate with your workflows and your own applications. With ready controls that support HSQL and known software languages…

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the automation of high-volume, rule-based and highly error-free operational processes with “software robots.. Software robots save time and transaction costs by learning the same interaction methods of employees.

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