What is Product Tracking System?

Product Tracking System (UTS) Project: It is a project undertaken to monitor individual product, all medical devices and cosmetics regarless of manufactured or imported, starting from production line to the end user.

The protocol between Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) and TUBITAK requires to control individually all medical devices and cosmetics. All shareholders during the delivery process; importers, distributors, retailer etc are intended to be traced and supervised from the production line to the sales instance should be recorded. All necessary infrastructure works for UTS are being developed by Tübitak Bilgem.

What are the purposes of UTS?

  • Ensuring access to secure products
  • Limiting any blackmarket
  • Produce Health Policy
  • To establish a healthy data-based control mechanism
  • Preventing waste of resources
  • Providing coordination and data sharing between institutions regarding products
  • To create an effective inspection process with the information of which product, where, when, for what and by who was used.

Project scope:

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Who is the product tracking system for?

  • Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Hospitals and Pharmacies
  • Dealers and Retail Outlets
  • Cosmetic Firms
  • Eyewear, Opticians
  • Consumer, user and patient