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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that interacts with digital systems and simulates human actions by configuring computer software called “robots için to perform business processes.

Software robots interpret responses from applications and communicate with other systems to perform many different repetitive tasks.

An RPA software robot never sleeps, makes mistakes, doesn’t forget, gets tired of routine work and runs 3 times faster than the average employee.


What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA is the automation of high-volume, rule-based and highly error-free operational processes with “software robots”. Software robots; saves time and transaction costs by learning the same interaction methods of employees. Routine operations in existing applications and systems operate 24/7 uninterruptedly and error-free; employees find the opportunity to focus on value added jobs and increase productivity.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with

Increase productivity

Increase your productivity with robots that are always on the job.

Reduce Operation Costs

Give your employees the opportunity to engage in value-added jobs.

Reduce error rate

Eliminate human errors caused by manual data entry.

Use As Much As You Need

Increase / decrease the bots you use according to your needs.

Common Points of All Business Processes

RPA Products

Cognitive (IQ Bots)

  • Continuously learns and improves Process Automation
  • Expert in managing unclear rules and processing unstructured data
  • Can act based on information and learn in real time.

RPA (Task Bots)

  • Automates front-end operations and scalable processes
  • Specialist in processing repetitive and rule-based tasks based on structural data
  • Efficiency, saving, reducing errors.

Real Time Analytics (Bot Insight)

  • The only analytical platform offering both operational and corporate intelligence
  • Expert in real-time RPA analysis
  • Helps monitor and manage the digital workforce.

Automation Anywhere About

Automation Anywhere, the world leader in Robotic Process Automation, Automation Anywhere provides more than 1 million digital workforce to more than 1,600 leading businesses (Unilever, Google, Linkedin, Siemens) in over 90 countries.


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Advantages of RPA

  • Reduced cycle times and increased productivity
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Error-free operations
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Detailed data collection

Use of RPA in different sectors

Finance and Banking

  • Data validation
  • Creating a report
  • Data transfer between banking applications and customer account management
  • Invoice creation

Technology and Software

  • Hardware and software testing for function, installation and mobile performance
  • Application integration
  • Data conversion


  • Business processes such as gathering and merging data from customer phone systems
  • Back up information from customer systems
  • Loading data
  • Extract data about competitor pricing
  • Phone manufacturing information


  • ERP automation
  • Logistics data
  • Data monitoring
  • Product / price comparison
  • Corporate invoice reports
  • Supply chain management operations

Public institutions

  • Saving time when filling out subcontractor forms
  • Verification procedures
  • Integrate old systems with new systems
  • Automating daily reports


Transferring and processing patient data

  • Reporting for doctors
  • Processing of medical bills
  • Insurance data automation and demand processing
  • Demand status and appropriate automation
  • Patient record storage